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TFS Spotlight v.0.7

  • Visualizing queries on charts
  • Splash screen that shows when the application loads
  • Removed TfsSpotlight.Startes.exe executable because it is no longer needed.

TFS Spotlight v.0.6

  • New Look&Feel
  • Added 'History panel' that tracks operations made on work items (opening details, creating, editing).
  • Added possibility to search for work items that include a given string in title or description.

TFS Spotlight v.0.5

  • Work item creation
  • Improved servers management

  • Now refresh command is active after saving new work item
  • Now the user can open multiple new work item forms
  • Now the result grid is not scrolled so that the selected row is first from the top

TFS Spotlight v.0.4

  • Servers settings introduced
    • Ability to manage servers (add, remove)
    • Ability to define a user friendly name
    • Ability to mark a server so that the application will connect to it on startup
  • You can get current work item's ID by invoking Control + W shortcut (for a complete list of shortcuts see full shortcuts list).
  • Unhandled exception dialog box introduced
    • You can submit exception information via email. This process does not reveal any of your personal data.

  • Now work item's details form is disabled when there was an error when retrieving work item's data.

TFS Spotlight v.0.3

  • Go to work item command placed on a toollbar allows to quickly open work item given it's ID
    • Put work item's ID into a text box and select a server from drop down menu next to it
    • You can use Enter key when the text box has focus to pop down menu with servers
    • You can also reach go to work item command by utilizing CTRL + G shortcut (for a complete list of shortcuts see full shortcuts list).
    • If there is only one server connected hitting enter will not bring the servers drop down but instead it will launch go to work item command immediately
  • You can double click a work item on a query results grid to open work item in a separate tab
  • You can scroll through tabs using your mouse's wheel. For that feature to work you have to give a focus to one of a tab (by clicking tab at the top) and while scrolling the mouse cursor must be over a tab

TFS Spotlight v.0.2

  • Shortcuts defined view
  • Provided credentials are persisted so they can be used another time the application will connect to the sever
  • Application is logging it's activity to a file
  • Application can update itself. Each next release will be also published for auto update.
  • Added save all button that allows to save all edited work items in a batch.

  • Now application asks whether to save changes or not when closing tab with modified work items
  • Now if there is the same TFS server defined for both VS2005 and VS2008 then only one is taken
  • Now only projects that the user has rights to are retrieved
  • Other minor issues

TFS Spotlight v.0.1

  • Retrieve configured servers from VS2005/08 and connect to them
  • Retrieve all projects after successful connection to TFS server
  • Retrieve all queries for retrieved projects
  • Allows to run queries
  • Allows to edit existing work items
  • Persists user preferences (window position and layout)

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